Publication of Unclaimed Capital Credits

Black River Electric Cooperative recently published in The Sumter Item newspaper a listing of over 1,450 names of former members. This list represents former members whose last known address was in South Carolina and have unclaimed Capital Credits with us. Capital Credits are a popular benefit of electric cooperative members. For that reason, we want to find as many former members as possible who have unclaimed Capital Credits. Please click on the link below to find a listing of names and last known addresses for ALL former members with unclaimed Capital Credits.  If you were a member of Black River Electric Cooperative BEFORE 1999 and have not received a Capital Credit check, click here to see if the cooperative has unclaimed Capital Credits for you.

Payment Options


Cooperative establishes a minimum payment amount

     The Cooperative has placed a minimum payment amount on all transactions processed in our offices, including Prepaid.  Effective February 1, 2014, all payments processed in either the Sumter or Camden office must be $10 or greater.  This change is due in part to the increase in traffic and the increased cost of processing smaller payments, most of which are PrePaid accounts. 
      In order to make payment more convenient, we have changed the minimum payment amount for all debit and credit card transactions from $15 to $10.
      We continue to look for ways to keep our costs down for all members of Black River.  We believe these small changes will make a difference in helping us serve you more efficiently.